Sell4More is a company that buys all types of second hand vehicles. We have more than 20 years experience in the motor industry and have very strong relationships with 100s of dealers in Gauteng.

Sell4More takes the hassle out of selling your second hand vehicle and many times offers more than what you would get as a trade-in. You simply submit the information of the particular vehicle you want to sell on www.sell4more.co.za and we will contact you to discuss your vehicle.

We buy any make and model. Passenger cars, SUVs, bakkies and commercial vehicles, regardless of age or condition. Although we specialise in these, we will do our best to assist with motorbikes, boats and caravans. In the event where we are overstocked on a certain vehicle offered to us, we would gladly assist to recommend you to one of our reliable trading partners. Our outlook is un conservative and fair, even in the event that we don’t conclude a transaction, a simple professional advisory conversation follows. No pressure, no fuss. Integrity and transparency is the name of the game!

After years of experience its simple to sum up how the trade values of your vehicle gets effected when either selling or trading in.

For example, when you trade in your 2006 Toyota Hilux 3.0 d4d double cab at a Premium dealer such as, Mercedes Benz or BMW, they would offer such a vehicle to us or a entity like us. This is because they don’t stock vehicles of this age and condition. Or it is simply the wrong brand or price bracket for their floor. The franchise dealers are also far more conservative when it comes to mileage and condition, as their reselling policies usually only allow in categories up to 100 000kms or less and five years and newer.

Therefore most trade ins are sold on exclusive auction type bidding systems for far more than your initial trade in value as offered by the dealer. This is a very lucrative income for the agents.

These extra monies made on auction type facilities could have been in your pocket from the beginning and also put you in a much better negotiating position as most trade-ins are frowned upon by sales executives.

We buy any type of car, old and new.

Runner or non runner, we will buy it. Give us a try !!!

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